Still slated for release this summer, the recently announced Top Gun game reveals all the dirty details.

Top Gun is being developed by DoubleSix with the aid of the film’s scriptwriter Jack Epps Jr. It’s described as a “free-flying air combat shooter,” and being very arcade focused, as “players defy the laws of gravity as they dodge enemy planes using inverts, dives and spins.”

The game will have all-new dialogue and storyline written by Epps, but there’s no words on who will do the voice acting. Hardly the original cast? In either way it does feature the classic compositions “Danger Zone” and the “Top Gun” anthem, they could hardly have done the game without those…Previously mentioned three single player modes include:Flight School: Train to be a pilot.
Campaign Mode: 11 total missions above the Indian Ocean shooting down MiGs around the clock.
Horde Mode: Waves of enemies in increasing difficulty comes upon you.In multiplayer the player can also enlist in the soviet air force as well as the US Navy and have five game modes:Deathmatch: What it sounds like.
Team Deathmatch: What it sounds like.
Top Gun: Choose your wingman and compete against enemy pairs.
Bombing Run: Defend and attack mobile bases.
Capture the Flag: What it sounds likePlayers can unlock up to 12 trophies in total and three sonic jets for each of the US Navy and the Soviet air forces. Each jet has varying speed, manoeuvrability and weapon load.US Navy:F14 Tomcat: The classic Top Gun plane, this heavy piece of machinery isn’t the most manoeuvrable of the birds but still boasts an undercarriage capable of carrying an abundance of missiles to blast down enemies.
F16 Falcon: Perfect for high-speed dogfights, this is the fastest and most nimble jet, but payloads are smaller, so players must make every missile count!
F/A-18 Hornet: An aircraft balanced in all aspects of speed, agility and firepower.Soviet:MiG-31 Foxhound: Forgoing manoeuvrability and weapon load for speed, this is the fastest jet.
MiG-29 Fulcrum: This agile plane can handle a small payload of weapons, making accuracy even more important.
Su-27 Flanker: An evenly balanced aircraft across speed, agility and weapon load.All we need now is a volleyball mini-game, and we’re all set. As for the flight fighting, check out screens below.

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