TopWare Announces Scivelation

TopWare Interactive has announced a new third person shooter due for release next year. Scivelation (yeah, we agree – it’s a rubbish name) will apparently “transform the Third-Person Shooter genre into an unrelenting interactive experience” and is due for release in mid-2010 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Black Wing Foundation is developing the title. The Unreal Engine III-based shooter is set in the aftermath of The Apocalypse in a world ruled by the evil Regime which actively suppresses dissent against its government. The player will take on the role of a resistance fighter “waging war throughout the furthest reaches of the globe in this action-packed battle for freedom and survival.”Now, is it just me, or has anyone else had enough of futuristic dystopias? Could we not, for once, have a game set in a nice, clean futuristic utopia? I think we’ve seen enough grey and brown game environments now, don’t you?

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