Total War Rome 2 releases – Graphics issues, crashes and bugs abound

Total War: Rome 2 - Pontus

This morning at 8AM in the UK Total War Rome 2 unlocked on Steam much to the excitement of fans eagerly awaiting the next game in the series from Creative Assembly. However, it has not been without problems.

The Steam group is awash with complaints of poor performance, terrible textures, bugs and crashes. Now this is not unusual for a new game from CA, previous games have suffered similar problems so we shouldn’t really be surprised.

This afternoon the official forums went offline for some time which is never a great help for anyone looking or advice and Creative Assembly suggest you do the following if you’re suffering.

  • If you are experiencing low resolution textures when running on extreme, its most likely that you don’t have enough video memory.You can force an override by ticking the unlimited video memory tick box in the advanced graphics settings however this may impact performance.
  • Another thing, the vegetation alpha is an option that should be set to off for all but the most powerful rigs.
  • A workaround has been found that could help some of you: by setting your game in windows mode you shouldn’t experience texture issues any more.

If you still have this issue, please update your post stating you have tried these solutions and that it hasn’t worked. If it did work could you please update your post to state that instead?

When editing your post to confirm your issue is ongoing, please add your DxDiag as explained here and add your preferences.script.thx.

To get your preferences.script.thx:

  • Go to Start->Search and type run
  • New window will pop up and type in: appdata
  • this will open the appdata folder
  • Go to folder: Roaming
  • Go to folder: Creative Assembly
  • Go to folder: Rome2
  • Go to folder: scripts
  • open preferences.script.txt
  • post the content

We have been testing the retail version today on our ninja-bastard PCs and let’s just say performance has not been great with slow frame rates and plenty of graphical glitches and what appear to be some really obvious bugs in the early missions.

It’s not a great start for the game and it’s also one reason we are holding off on the review as these issues were identified by Peter when he previewed the game about a month ago.

One thing we have to keep in mind, and I know it’s little comfort to those experiencing problems, this is a Total War game, these problems are to be expected.

Update: We’ve added another post highlighting the latest updates from CA.

Update: Patch is incoming Friday!

Update: Peter has some tips here if you have map lag.

Update – 13 September: IncGamers Review is up

Update – 13 September: Beta patch 2 has been released

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Andyc

      I installed the item and have no issues what so ever owner of a powerful rig. I think most of the bugs are generally issues that most lower end computers can’t handle. Which is to be expected on release date. It usually takes a couple of patches to fix those issues. Normal fans should be quite aware of this.

      • Nebz

        Have a look on the steam forums fool. It’s happening to a lot of people with powerful rigs, including myself.

        • Cobalt

          He’s a fool for having no problems? Maybe you’re the fool.

          • stesta

            He is an fool because 80% of the people with powerful rigs are having problems… its not a matter of rig.. its a matter of sloppy coding…

            • Synkk

              It’s kinda the same as with Sims 3, very very poor coding. I mean, I checked the recommended system specs (I always loosely base something on that) and it said 1GB DX11 video card. Excuse me, maybe my rig is “ok” when you see all the other, but a 6-core AMD 6100 and and AMD Radeon 7870 Double Dissipation with 8GB of RAM should do the trick, eh?

              Settings are set to High (and I was really amazed by the fact it goes to Very High, Ultra and Extreme), and I get a poor 15-20 fps, sometimes lower.

              CA, what is this? One of the most damn anticipated games, and you manage to do this >>

              End rant, sorry.

            • Owned

              I got AMD FX-6300 and HD Radeon 7850 , 8 gb RAM and on campaign map i got same lag no matter what graphic is low or extreme … and in battle i can play on high graphics and still got lags when zoom max to see my units in middle of a fight … sooo there might be a problem with game , hope that fix will be released …

    • Janosik

      He’s a “fool” (maybe a harsh choice of Words) for comenting on something he knows Little about. It’s easy to say that it’s cause of low end systems but have a look a the steam Rome 2 forum and you will see that thats clearly not the case with this game.

    • Yancy

      Im having an issue. So i downloaded the game on steam, and when i try to open up the game, it does not open… Sometimes the icon appears on the bottom of my computer as if it were opening, but nothing happens…When i click on the bottom icon to try to switch to it, it gives me an error that says

      Failed to initialise steam

      are you running steam?

      I need help…

      • Yancy

        Also, i have tried restarting both steam and my computer.

        • Peter Parrish

          That .. is a weird one. Have you done the classic “verify integrity of game cache” check in Steam? (right click on Rome 2 in your games list, select ‘properties’ and then the ‘local files’ tab, followed by verify integrity of game cache.)

          If it finds any missing files, that could help. No guarantees though, I’ve not really heard of that error before, sorry 🙁

          • Yancy

            I tried it just now, but still nothing. Keep me posted if you figure out a fix for this, i really want to play lol

            • Kingturm

              I have the same / similar problem at the moment.
              I downloaded the game, and everything’s fine. Yet when I actually open it, it opens for 1-5 seconds, then shuts down.

      • Phil

        I get this too.??

    • bleuscyther

      close steam , and then restart it. had the same issue

      • Gilbert

        Hello Yancy & Phil and Bleuscyther,

        I have exact same problem, I tried all, but no luck, I want to play the game waiting already 10 years for the new one.

        SEGA PEOPLE !!! WHAT MUST I DO !!!
        please help !!!

        Regards, Gilbert

    • brown1298

      my copy of Rome 2. when I put disc 1 in the computer to install it, it shows an hour glass an then restarts the computer. can any one tell me why that maybe.

      • beardylocks

        Similar issue to you, and it has happened on 2 campaigns! First time around turn 20/25 it did the same thing but with a a different one of the emblems. The second time was in battle- every time the ladders reach the walls of my siege, the game crashes.
        Rome 2: Total Fail =(

    • Rojo727

      I bought the game on steam and the game runs smoothly. However on my 10th turn after I hit the end turn button it stops at the Macedon emblem and just stays there. I waited about 15 min and it’s still on Macedon! It’s not frozen because I can see things on the campaign map still moving but it just won’t progress to my next turn! I tried reloading quick save, changed to follow cpu movements, experimented with graphics, and restarting the game but no luck. I can’t play the game anymore 🙁
      Any advice?

      • Frenk231

        Maybe it’s a problem with the macedon a.i not responding in their turn.. You could try to change the difficulty or play with macedon yourself until it’s patched :p

    • Deepak

      For fixing any issues or errors related to Total War Rome II, you can go through below guide.

      Total War Rome II fix for crash, freezing, low fps, black screen, no sound etc –

    • Kodes

      It’s very broken, and very crap so far. So far on my hefty rig, I’ve got crap textures (none of the fixes work, which makes me hope that I do in fact have some bug, and it’s not just a really ugly game). I’ve got such a bloated campaign map. The battles are Just Another Total War game, except poor.

      I’ve encountered loads of bugs, such as battles not ending, or ships stuck on the campaign map.

      All in all, I am disappoint.

      • Christian

        Same thing happened to me, my largest army got stuck in the seas, I had start new game because the upkeep was killing my finances and eventually led me to bankruptcy. So much for a useless army.

    • AlexSPQR

      Yesterday (3rd Sept) around 1:00pm I got wow through Stream, and its now the following day at 1:01pm and It still hasn’t downloaded the game to my PC… Anyone else experienced such long download times? I feel as though every time my PC dims after being sat awhile the download stops so I’m basically just sat here wiggling my mouse every so often.. To be honest its a piss take.

      • AlexSPQR

        Sorry I put Wow by mistake, I ment “ROME2”

    • Drakulus

      I managed to get my game up and running after tinkering with the settings a little a bit. If you guys are curious to exactly what I you may visit my website at My next article will explain how to fix your lag.

    • Drakulus

      Alright guys my article on how to fix your lag is up. Until a patch comes out this is all we can do to try and enjoy this game. I hope this helps you out.

    • Drakulus

      Sorry for the triple post I forgot to post a link to fps issues

    • Dusty43

      i have had, slow running, freezing, but i think the worst one is. when it is the AI’s turn my adviser pops up and says i need siege weapons and i cant progress any further. even if i quit the game and go back at the end of my turn the same thing happens again. i can cope with the slow running at times and the freezing but when i cant get any further in the game that’s a problem.
      Any help would be appreciated if any is known.

      • drakulus23

        Only thing I can tell you is to lower your settings. If that doesn’t work then you’ll have to wait for a patch. Sorry dude

    • Beaukito

      Hi Guys,

      Creators told us that tthe same requirements as Shogun 2 were needed, only for extreme detail, a bit more. I was able to play Shogun 2 at very high detail, not the best, and still it looked beautiful; this game looks RUBBISH, more like the first Rome Total War. Only in my memory that even looked better. I sure hope something will change after this patch, cause Im not going to buy a new 1000 euro pc only to play this game. Im okay with a bit less graphs, ill even buy a new graphs card, but this I cant look at. (I dont believe a new card will fix the problem, though). Too bad, I was extremely looking forward to it.

      Sure hope CA and SEGA will help us out!


    • woHOO

      Ok game is awesom, and 2 core guys is history. My rig is FX8320,6RAM,GTS450 OC BLACK EDITION GDDR5 1GB, and no lags. And? obiosly i am angry those old computer users couse i think field of depth is a bit to small in game. Would like bit better graphics. But game is ok…ok…. it`s awseom dudes. Buy new computers :D, i like gamepley and most this free cam catarsis dude, buy a computer not the windows user box.

      • jenkins

        your graphics card is very outdated for a game like this to play on max resolution and extreme graphical setting.. what setting in the advanced graphics menu do you select??

    • Icene

      My audio is crappy. it keeps crackling in battles, and also on the campaign, making it almost unplayable just because its annoying as shit!!! anyone experience this or know how to fix the issue?

      • DavidTheSlayer

        Sounds like an audio driver issue maybe? Are the cables fully in etc, the card on the motherboard fully? If it’s not hardware related, maybe try the motherboard sound drivers if it’s not a sound blaster or something. If I have my speakers on and put my phone near my computer I get interference so maybe it could be that?

        • DavidTheSlayer

          To add, try looking at the audio kbps settings in windows sound settings in control panel and inside the game iteself as sometimes it can be too many channels for a sound card to play. Hope this helps.

    • barredor

      i install the game but when i try to play i go into the game but then i dont see nothing in the screen i can hear the presentation but i dont see nothing what can i do somebody can help me

    • j weezey

      My computer after playing Rome 2 for three hours just turned off and does not want to come back on again just awesome !

      • Rome II broke my PC too

        Well you are not the only one.

        I played Rome II for roughly 1 hour and it broke down and never started again. I opened my PC up and it was really really really hot in there. Which I don’t understand at all. Now my PC lies dissected on my coffee table and I am wondering what to do next. What kind of specifications did you have? Mine was not super, but it had the recommended specs. I am not even angry just sad. Why the hell did it bust like that? I think the ‘Ultra’ I was playing wasn’t suitable for my PC (eventhough the game choose that setting itself) and it forced my hardware to burn to a crisp. I can’t explain it otherwise, my PC was not even that old.

    • Rusty

      Low end system….I doubt that is the issue. I have a Rad 7970 with 3GB of memory, 16GB of RAM, a 8-Core piledriver processor and a Raid 0 to prevent HD bottlenecking, liquid cooling etc. Basically I have a beast system that runs everything on max settings. Rome II… matter what setting (EVEN LOW GRAPHICS) I still get terrible FPS in med-large battles. Maybe and AMD or ATI compatibility issue?

      • jenkins

        what frequency is your cpu running at??? 4.4?? something around there??

      • Ali

        I’m having the exact same problem. I put it into windowed mode so that i could track my hardware, and it basically just pushes all my cpu cores to 100%. for me it starts great, but some times during the game the frame rate will drop to this unplayable sate when all the cpu cores suddenly jump up, so annoying!

    • GeoffyPoo

      I have 2 680 GTX 2nd Gen i7 only 8gbs of ram sabertooth motherboard, game runs on Exterme Graphics, I had same issues with the Witcher 2 someone will figure out a problem just need a little time, plus you can’t blame the makers of the game there are 1000s of different hardware that they must try and make compatible with millions of different software and 4 different OS with different makes and models lol just give them time

    • No thanks

      I would just recommend on not giving out a penny for the game until they first fix their issues.
      For those who bought it, pray for the game to have performance of your liking and that the bugs/freezes/crash/sound,graph issues will be solved soon.

      Wanted to buy the game asap, but as usual games need to be patched as companies never can give out a game to be coded/optimazed right it seems…

    • JakubT

      I am experiencing strange issue… Game is kicking me out and restarting my computer after around 5-10 minutes of any playing (prologue/Campaign/Battle). No matter if its on Map or battle. It just shuts down anywhere in any situation after 5-10 minutes. I was trying super low graphics and everything but still it does the same. I meet HW requirements of this game. I have updated directx, Nvidia drivers and so on. I was trying to re-install many times, I was trying to run it in window and so on. But no matter what it always shuts down after 5-10 minutes.

      • ramy

        same here…running coh2 very smoothly,but rome2 with lowest specs keeps shuting down after 5 mins of playing,was gonna buy a new laptop but good thing i read the comments guess every1 is having major issues with the game,guess ill just have to wait for some patches

        • Jason

          I have audio but no visual can’t see anything just a black screen.

    • jenkins

      what frequency is your cpu running at??? 4.4?? something around there??

    • Colin

      Synkk, although you did say ur rig is ok and not great….ur rig issnt enough to run more than medium… i mean what did you expect…
      i myself cant afford some of the monstrous shit people put in their pc
      but what you have is:
      a 2 year old graphics card that costs 150$
      a 2 year old processor that costs 90$
      some unnamed memmory
      what kind of 8 gig memory… mhz and cl?

      i mean the 8770 is worth its money… dont get me wrong, but its not like you spent 800$ on ur machine and it wont run the game properly…

      check this out….
      im running it on extreme with 30 fps locked
      2.5 yr old msi motherboard (now worth 75$)
      2.5 yr old i5 2500 sandybridge (that still goes for 200$)
      new Msi gtx760 OC with TF cooling 270$
      new 1600mhz 8GB kingston Blu r memory 80$
      so to play these new games… i upgraded and spent 350$…

    • Matt

      I have an i7 computer with 2 7900 series video cards and 32 gigs of ram and this game keeps crashing my computer every time I launch it.