Total War Saga – Thrones of Britannia maps revealed, much bigger than Attila, and settlement details

Total War Saga – Thrones of Britannia maps revealed, much bigger than Attila, and settlement details

Creative Assembly has revealed more details of Total War Saga – Thrones of Britannia specifically looking at the game’s map size.

To give you an idea of the game’s scale, the Total War Saga – Thrones of Britannia map is 23 times larger than the map in Attila.

The game has also proved challenging historically as there is no direct chronicle from Northern Britain or Scotland for the era the game covers. CA has been working with Dr Neil McGuigan from the University of St Andrews to create the most historically accurate depiction of the time.

Province capitals are walled and have six building slots as well as garrisons while minor settlements do not. Minor settlements will have no walls and one or two building slots. The types of buildings in each settlement will be determined will be pre-defined and based on the land characteristics around it. Building types might include a farm, iron mine or an abbey.

CA says the system is a cross between Shogun 2 and Rome 2  with resource building outside of the main settlement but like Rome 2 allows for minor settlements to be controlled independently. This means these resource settlements need to be protected otherwise resources could be cut off.

Total War Saga - Thrones of Britannia

Below are a set of maps showing the British Isles split into either factions, regions, and provinces. There is also a parchment map for good measure.

CA has also released the Campaign Map Guide.


Total War Saga - Thrones of Britannia
Campaign Map Guide – Click to Enlarge

A blog post from the CA team has also been posted today which you can find here.



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    • Craig Tghearnán

      Ireland is not part of Britannia or britian , this is offensive nonsense by brits trying to pass ireland and britian as one geographical landmass country or culture .its imperialistic nonsense by british nationalists .

      The description of the game reads ,The year is 878 AD, the embattled English king Alfred the Great has mounted a heroic defence at the battle of Edington, and blunted the Viking invasion. Chastened – but not yet broken – the Norse warlords have settled across Britain. For the first time in nearly 80 years, the land is in a fragile state of peace

      Throughout this sceptred isle, the kings of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales sense a time of change approaching; a time of opportunity. There will be treaties. There will be war. There will be turns of fortune that become the stuff of legend, in a saga that charts the ascent of one of history’s greatest nations

      Kings will rise. One will rule

      Thrones of Britannia is a standalone Total War game which will challenge you to re-write a critical moment in history, one that will come to define the future of modern Britain. With ten playable factions, you must build and defend a kingdom to the glory of Anglo-Saxons, Gaelic clans, Welsh tribes or Viking settlers. Forge alliances, manage burgeoning settlements, raise armies and embark on campaigns of conquest across the most detailed Total War map to date

      Funny because l though Ireland was a geographical island but apparently according to the british developers its a nation and part of the island of Britain or the sceptred isle.

      historical and geographical information .

      Despite the title of the game Ireland is not part of Britian or Britannia which is an island comprised of modern day England,scotland and wales ,and before you bring up The archipelago The british isles and britian are two completely different things , but also the term british isles did not exist during the 5th-11th centuries when the game takes place ether , instead the islands were sometimes known as the Oceani Insulae or “islands of the Ocean,the term “British Isles” entered the English language and common usage as propaganda in the late 16th century to refer to Great Britain, Ireland and the surrounding islands.

      Ireland and Britian are not a singular geographical unit nor do they share the same history or culture .the Romans referred to Ireland as Hibernia or occasionally Scotia which continued to be in usage into the middle ages , Britian was known as Britannia or Britain.

      Claiming Ireland is British or part of Britannia is considered offensive especially in Ireland for historical and geographical reasons, as well as British cultural imperialism in-regards to Ireland .

      In modern terms The “British Isles” is sometimes a revanchist or irredentist term among british nationalists not simply a geographical one, regardless of its debatable historical origins.

      This whole thing stinks of British nationalists trying to impose their nationality on another people .perhaps they want to pervert history to make Britannia seem more important and historically rich and stepping on Ireland is an easy target plus the past of British imperialism makes it very easy .perhaps they legitimately are ignorant and think ireland and britian are one island or geographical unit and the same place and one modern nation, youed be shocked that alot of people in britian cant even point to the republic of ireland on a map ?

      my guess is the devs just had the attitude that its close enough to Britannia that we can claim it as our own .

      for me it was sad seeing British nationalists pervert history and geography to suit their narrative of it for a game .A game suppose to be based on real history .shocking that not a single person has called them out on it , but again thats just me .