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Total War Saga: Troy – Campaign progression

Tips when playing as Penthesilea

There’s a reason why Penthesilea’s Amazons campaign in Total War Saga: Troy is described as “easy.” She gains loads of resources thanks to raiding and razing, and her Bloodsworn units are basically an “I win” button. Your neighbors are Thracian minors, and they won’t pose a threat. You could, technically, farm these minor factions on a whim although diminishing returns when razing would apply.

The settlements you raze will eventually get colonized by others. Beware because it’ll count as “trespassing” if you don’t have military access and you’re still in that region once it’s been colonized.

Note: For your first battle in your Total War Saga: Troy campaign, do not auto-resolve. It seems your Horsewomen would get annihilated if you do. Try to bolster your army first by recruiting more units.

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Anyway, you’re buddies with the main Trojan factions and Hippolyta. Don’t forget to milk Hector and co. for some extra resources via NAPs or defensive alliances. Since you’re a horde faction, you don’t have any settlements that you need to protect, so you can just roam around and run roughshod on anyone who earns your ire.

Later in your Total War Saga: Troy campaign once you’re fighting the Greeks, try to avoid declaring war on any Danaan Pillar. Heck, try to avoid declaring war on any Greek faction that has allies. Instead, just select any of the Trojan factions already battling one and offer to join their war. This will let you pick a specific target and burn their settlements to the ground. This should give you a bit of breathing room when they eventually combine their might against you — i.e., “United against us,” once they start confederating, or once you have an antagonist.

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For techs, you can’t go wrong with Nature’s Bounty (+4 horde growth) followed by The Price of Mercy (lots of resources earned per turn). Regarding religion and Divine Will, a hecatomb then a prayer to Athena would net you higher-ranked units so you can upgrade them via the Initiation Rites system faster. Of course, it’s not really “lore-friendly” considering that the Amazons consider the city-state of Athens/Athina as their mortal enemy.

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Lastly, I did encounter a weird issue midway through the game. I already elected to “Support the Trojans” which means I shouldn’t worry about any of the Trojan Pillars. Unfortunately, one of the Ilion factions declared war on me, even managing to drag Troy and Paris into it.

Orlando Bloom was the only one who managed to attack one of my armies, and he was beaten quickly. The Ilion faction sued for peace, and Priam was nice enough to accept a peace deal as well. Several turns later, the Ilion faction did a “wardec” on me again, and it only stopped once Aeneas was able to confederate it.

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Penthesilea’s epic missions

Epic Mission Requirement Additional Notes
Thracian Hospitality Raze two settlements belonging to any Thracian faction Just keep bashing your neighbors to complete this.
War Rites Maintain five total units that are tier 2 or tier 3. These units include Horsewomen, Styganores, and those from Initiation Rites upgrades.
Blood Oath Unlock Blood Oath: Honor This is explained in the previous section of our guide.
The Vengeful Hour Raze the settlement of Sestos It might have a pretty strong garrison, so make sure you’re well-prepared.
Ainia N/A This automatically happens after razing Sestos.
Heeding the Call Move any character to Troy Make sure you’re also at peace with Priam.
Honoring the Allaince Raze the settlement of Scione Use spies to weaken its garrison and then attack.
Ares’ Daughters Have three Daughters of Ares units in Penthesilea’s army This is a tier 3 unit upgrade; Warband → Labrys Infantry → Daughters of Ares
Black Rage Win three battles against Achaean factions Go ahead and start ransacking Greece.
Fated Judgment Raze Athens It might be owned by a different faction (not Athina). Hopefully, it’s not controlled by one of your Trojan allies, or that’d be awkward.
Penthesilea’s Legacy Show mercy or fight to the death Below, you can see the buffs if you show mercy. However, if you fight to the death, it’ll say that Penthesilea was mortally wounded and the faction’s new leader is Ainia (from the earlier epic mission). Still, it doesn’t seem like it changed anything since Penthesilea’s still around.
Vengeance Unending N/A This is just the conclusion of the epic mission chain after you made your choice above.

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A Total War Saga: Troy is available via the Epic Games Store. You can pick up the Amazons DLC by following the instructions in the official FAQ. For more information about the other factions, check out our guides and features hub.

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