An opt-in beta for the Total War: Warhammer 2 Mortal Empires campaign is now available, making the latest ‘Reprisal’ patch available. This was actually released yesterday, but that was Thanksgiving so US-based players may have been distracted by turkeys.

Opting in is via the usual method on Steam. Get yourself to the Properties menu in Total War: Warhammer 2 (easiest way is right-clicking the game in your library). Then go to the Betas tab, and select the Mortal Empires PTE option. Steam should do the rest by downloading the beta automatically. If it doesn’t, try restarting Steam. If you want to opt back out of the beta, then follow the same steps but remove the PTE from the drop-down menu.

The Reprisal patch adds to Mortal Empires some (but not all) of the changes that were made to Total War: Warhammer’s Old World region with the Foundation patch. Chaos will now use their updated mechanics in Mortal Empires, Wood Elf followers are added, and the Old World Lords who had their skill trees (and starting units) changed will now have the updated versions.

In addition to that, Helman Ghorst is getting new skill trees, ‘Immortality’ (added by Total War: Warhammer 2) will now be obtainable by Old World characters, and Bordeleaux now begins at war with Mousillon. What you won’t see, however, is the post-DLC version of Norsca (Creative Assembly are still have trouble bringing them over), or the 30th anniversary Regiments of Renown. Those are still to come in a future patch.

A full run-down of Reprisal patch notes can be read here.

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