Creative Assembly have taken to the pages of their official blog to spell out a timeline of changes and updates coming to Total War: Warhammer 2. This includes a more detailed account of what the heck is going on with Norsca still being missing from the Mortal Empires campaign.

More on that in a bit, but first the specifics of the timeline. This month (December, for the time-challenged), the Reprisal Update for Mortal Empires, currently in Beta, will go live. This will introduce some “new changes and fixes”. It’ll also include a new, and “highly experimental” game mode that Creative Assembly have been sitting on for a while. More details on this mode later in the week, apparently.

In January 2018 the first campaign pack DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2 will be released. This is widely expected to be Tomb Kings, and the use of the phrase “crypt-ic” in this piece does little to dissuade from that notion. The DLC was originally intended for release late in 2017, but the protracted problems around Mortal Empires have bumped it into 2018. Speaking of, another Mortal Empires update will come out in January too (to address any lingering bugs). In addition, a free Legendary Lord will be out in January as well.

What of Norsca, then? Or the 30th Anniversary Regiments of Renown? Bad news here, that stuff isn’t going to be around in Mortal Empires until May 2018. Creative Assembly admit they made a pretty serious error when planning for the implementation of Norsca in the Total War: Warhammer 2 frame-work. It turned out that merging two development branches introduced huge problems. You can read more details of this in the blog post itself, but basically they’ve opted to start from scratch in adding Norsca (and its bespoke code) into the sequel. That means it’s going to take a long time.

Not the ideal outcome, for sure. But that’s where the game is at present, and where it should go over the next six months or so.

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