Next week, Total War: Warhammer will be adding the magical schools of Life and Shadow to the game, and the Empire will be getting in on that action. On the same day the Realm of the Wood Elves expansion is released (8 December), the Empire will get access to Jade (Life) and Grey (Shadow) wizards for free.

You can find the Jade Wizard and Grey Wizard on Steam at the respective links. As with Wurrzag last month, I think you’ll have to manually ‘add’ the free DLC to your game once they’re available next week.

Thanks to the Steam summaries, we now have an idea what sort of spells the lores of Life and Shadow will be bringing to Total War: Warhammer. Here’s the run-down (at least for the Empire version, Wood Elves may differ).


Lore of Life:

Lifebloom (Augment)
Replenishes hit points of friendly combatants map-wide whenever a Life spell is cast

Awakening of The Wood (Explosion)
Magical damage, large explosion area, reduces target’s speed

Flesh To Stone (Augment)
Improves armour of friendly targets

Shield of Thorns (Augment)
Area-effect, improves missile parry and weapon damage of friendly combatants

Regrowth (Augment)
Replenishes hit-points of friendly target combatants & Physical Resistance

Earth Blood (Augment)
Area effect, replenishes hit-points of friendly combatants

The Dwellers Below (Direct Damage)
Large explosion area, strong vs multiple combatants, reduces target speed, severe damage, chance to resist


Lore of Shadows:

Smoke & Mirrors (Augment)
Map wide speed boost for friendly troops

Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma (Direct Damage)
Strong vs multiple combatants, slows movement speed

The Enfeebling Foe (Hex)
Reduces target’s melee attack and melee defence

The Withering: (Hex)
Reduces target’s armour and leadership

The Penumbral Pendulum (Direct damage – wind)
Magical damage, large area of effect, strong vs multiple units

Pit of Shades (Vortex)
Magical damage, large explosion area, strong vs multiple units, disrupts units

Okkam’s Mindrazor (Augment)
Imbues bonus magical damage and bonus armour-piercing damage

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