Alongside the news of The King and the Warlord DLC, Total War: Warhammer has revealed that Savage Orc Shaman Wurrzag will be released as a free Legendary Lord. He’ll be available for everybody on the same day as the DLC release, 20 October.

Just as Skarsnik in the King and the Warlord leads the Crooked Moon tribe (rather than ‘Greenskins’), Wurrzag is in charge of the Bloody Handz tribe. He confers bonuses and reduced upkeep on Savage Orc units, “driving them to ever-greater acts of ferocity, and supporting them further with spells and incantations”. Wurrzag can ride into battle atop his war boar Spleenrippa.

He’ll have three quest chains, “bestowing him with The Baleful Mask, The Bonewood Staff and his Squiggly Beast.” Here’s a bit of a early run-down of his traits and abilities.

Traits, skills and abilities

  • When unlocked, his skill Da Fury of Da Prophet! Imbues his entire army with magical attacks.
  • Wurrzag can unlock his own personal mount, the War Boar Spleenrippa.
  • All Savage Orc units in Wurrzag’s army receive bonuses to their physical resistance and charge bonus statistics.
  • All Savage Orcs under Wurrzag enjoy a major reduction to their usual upkeep costs.
  • Opposing wizards in close vicinity to Wurrzag suffer a major increase to their chance of miscasting.
  • Wurrzag carries Da Effagee of Da Git, a ragged doll which he pricks with needles to pin enemy characters in place on the battlefield.
  • Wurrzag’s War Paint grants him extra physical resistance.

Total War: Warhammer announces The King and the Warlord DLC

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