Total War: Warhammer reveals Vampire Counts unit roster

Total War: Warhammer reveals Vampire Counts unit roster

Creative Assembly have put up the full (well … for launch, anyway) Vampire Counts unit roster from Total War: Warhammer. As you’d probably imagine, it’s a collection of skeletons, zombies, ghouls, and various other nightmarish creatures.

The two previously announced characters of Mannfred Von Carstein and Heinrich Kemmler will be your Legendary Lord options (a melee/caster hybrid and caster respectively), both able to raise the dead and bring extra skeleton or zombie units into play during battle.

On the heroes side of things, you’re looking at Banshees, Necromancers, Wight Kings and Vampires.

Here’s the full list. Total War: Warhammer is now due for release on 24 May.

Legendary Lords:

Mannfred von Carstein – Caster/Melee (Race Leader) (Lore of Vampires/Lore of Death) o Faction-wide trait: ‘Ancient Cunning’ – With Mannfred as your leader, all of your armies will move more swiftly on the campaign map and units of Grave Guard and Black Knights cost less dark magic to maintain.

Heinrich Kemmler – Caster (Lore of Vampires) o Faction-wide trait: ‘Lichemaster’ – Having recognised the limits that mortality placed upon him in his early years, Kemmler made it his life’s work to escape them. If you choose Heinrich Kemmler as your Legendary Lord, the cost of raising dead is reduced and Necromancers are cheaper to maintain.


– Master Necromancer – Caster (Lore of Vampires)
– Vampire Lord – Melee/Caster (Lore of Vampires)


– Banshee – Melee
– Necromancer – Caster (Lore of Vampires)
– Vampire – Melee/Caster (Lore of Death)
– Wight King – Melee


– Zombie Dragon
– Skeletal Steed
– Barded Skeletal Steed
– Hellsteed
– Nightmare
– Barded Nightmare

Melee Infantry:

– Skeleton Warriors
– Skeleton Spearmen
– Zombies
– Grave Guard
– Grave Guard (Great Weapons)
– Crypt Ghouls
– Cairn Wraiths

Melee Monstrous Infantry:

– Crypt Horrors

Melee Monstrous Infantry (Flying):

– Vargheists

Melee Cavalry:

– Black Knights
– Black Knights (Lances)
– Hexwraiths


– Black Coach

Melee War Beasts:

– Dire Wolves

Melee War Beasts (Flying):

– Fell Bats

Melee Monsters:

– Varghulf

Melee Monsters (Flying):

– Terrorgheist

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