A post on the Total War: Warhammer Facebook page appears to be teasing the upcoming appearance of Beastmen in Creative Assembly’s latest title. Both text and image of a letter are addressed to the Imperial Huntsmarshal, and describe the scene of a ruined, burned hamlet.

“Tracks disappeared into the Drakwald. Some prints were from men and women no doubt; others were not,” the text says, pointing to inhuman creatures. Beastmen aren’t big fans of Sigmar (they feel bitter about humanity spreading over lands they used to rule), so that would explain the reference to the desecrated Sigmarite shrine.

The final line, imploring the Huntsmarshal to “Bring your bow of amber” suggests we might be seeing Markus Wulfhart in the game. He’s a Huntsmarshal who does, indeed, use a bow of amber.

If we look at Creative Assembly’s schedule for Free Updates, the first “new unit” is already accounted for (Blood Knights, in Update 1). Wulfhart could potentially be the free Hero or Legendary Lord. And while we’re speculating in this area, the first listed ‘Lore of Magic’ might be the (Amber) Lore of Beasts.

Beastmen, if they are to be added, will presumably be paid DLC, as the free playable race in the schedule above are pretty much confirmed to be Bretonnia at this point. Unless Creative Assembly have changed plans there.

The teaser letter makes reference to meeting “three days hence,” which suggests we might get some more concrete details to dig at on Thursday.

Update 13 July: A new ‘teaser’ directly referenced Beastmen in the image url (until it was changed).

Update 2: And now there’s an official trailer for Call of the Beastmen.

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