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Best Characters Tier List Tower Of Fantasy

There are many ways to improve your gameplay, but none are as impactful as your choice of weapon. The reality of Tower of Fantasy is that not all its characters were born equal and some are better at their job than others. To help you figure out which you should be using, we’ve put together this handy tier list of the best characters and weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

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Below is the tiering for every SSR and SR rarity character. The tiering of this list ranges from S to C: S Tier means that it is a must-have for any account; A Tier is strong but more situational than S Tier; B Tier describes a decent character who isn’t essential but can be useful; and C Tier characters are not recommended but can still be fun to use. The ranking of characters is divided up into shield breakers, DPS, and support.

Shield Breakers tier list

  • S Tier: King
  • A Tier: Huma, Meryl
  • B Tier: Shiro
  • C Tier: Ene

King‘s name isn’t just for show. This edgy scythe wielder really is one of the best characters in Tower of Fantasy. Not only does he have fantastic shield break capabilities but, unlike the other top shield breakers, King is classified as a DPS. This is awesome as it makes it easier to have two DPS weapons in your team. Having two DPS weapons triggers the Attack resonance effect increasing damage output by up to 40%.

Tower Of Fantasy Huma Stats Character Weapon Alt

If you don’t mind playing a more tank-centric playstyle, Huma is an incredible pick. She is probably the most underrated simulacra in Tower of Fantasy. Thanks to her Fission skill, Huma actually has the best theoretical shield break of any character in Tower of Fantasy. This does rely on you being good at dodging attacks, but her potential is unmistakable. As an added bonus, her Molten Shield V2 only needs to be advanced up to 1* to fulfill most of that potential.

The best alternative to a tank-centric playstyle is Meryl. In many ways, Meryl is Huma’s counterpart. While Huma uses a heavy fire-based weapon, Meryl uses a heavy ice-based weapon. The main advantage of using Meryl is that her shield break is more consistent than Huma. While Huma relies heavily on Fission, Meryl is similarly effective with just her base attacks. Although she is less well-rounded than Huma and relies on other members of your team to cover her weaknesses. This can make her a little trickier to fit into an effective composition.

Tower Of Fantasy Shiro Stats Character Weapon

Shiro is a better shield breaker than many people give her credit for. Her base shatter rating of 11.40 is among the highest in Tower of Fantasy. Equally, she is one of the most resource-efficient characters in which to invest. Shiro’s shield break at 1* is not that much worse than Meryl’s shield break at 5*. Even completely free-to-play players can realistically aim to obtain a 1* Shiro. Some players may find Shiro useful as the relatively low level of investment needed to make her strong frees up resources that can then be invested into other characters.

As with every SR, Ene is largely outclassed by her higher rarity peers. However, she isn’t awful, and her Focus Smash attack can stack up and destroy shields quickly. Those in the early game still waiting on their SSRs may find it useful to use Ene as an entry-level shield breaker.

DPS tier list

  • S Tier: Samir
  • A Tier: Crow, Tsubasa
  • B Tier: Echo
  • C Tier: Bai Ling, Hilda

Hands down, the best DPS character in Tower of Fantasy is Samir. Her specialty is outputting safe damage that is easy to take advantage of. She has a long-ranged auto attack that can be manually aimed and Bullet Rain, an aerial spin attack that keeps you out of the range of most attacks. Combining this with her Electro Field skill results in great area of effect damage, which is ideal for quickly clearing the majority of Tower of Fantasy‘s content.

Tower Of Fantasy Samir Stats Character Weapon 2

Crow is the higher-skill alternative to Samir. They both use volt weapons and hit hard but, while Samir can easily do her job without taking much damage, Crow requires you to be good at dodging attacks. Crow also comes with the caveat of requiring to be behind an enemy to deal effective damage. This means that he is great for team content alongside a tank player who can draw aggro but is average elsewhere. Even with these flaws, though, Crow is a strong option, as his raw damage output when used properly is impressive.

Tsubasa is the most underrated DPS character in Tower of Fantasy. Her DPS output is decent and, much like Samir, she can deal the bulk of her damage from a safe distance. However, that’s not what makes her so good. Tsubasa’s unique selling point is that at 1* her Sharp Arrow can increase DPS by up to 15%. This buff applies to all active characters, so you can quickly get the stacks required for the buff and then switch to another weapon. She’s a great character for those who want to future-proof their accounts, as this effect is likely to stay relevant in the meta for some time.

Tower Of Fantasy Tsubasa Stats Character Weapon

Although none of the SR rarity DPS characters are great, Echo does stand above the rest. This is less so because her Thunderous Halberd is good and more so because it’s so easy to upgrade her. Her unique matrixes are among the easiest to unlock in Tower of Fantasy, as they are not rare and many of them are given as rewards for completing objectives. She’s a decent-budget DPS option for players who have gotten unlucky with their SSR rolls.

Both Bai Ling and Hilda are not worth using in most scenarios. Bai Ling is the better of the two, but is completely outclassed by Tsubasa as the better bow user. As for Hilda, she is probably the worst character in Tower of Fantasy. Her Terminator turret is awkward to use due to its inherent lack of mobility and irritating recoil. Against hard-hitting bosses, she just isn’t mobile enough to avoid fatal attacks.

Support tier list

  • S Tier: Nemesis
  • A Tier: Cocoritter
  • B Tier: Zero
  • C Tier: Pepper

Anyone playing Tower of Fantasy has probably already figured out that Nemesis is the best character in the game. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as she is the only limited banner as of launch. Nemesis partners extraordinarily well with either Samir or Crow due to her Volt Resonance. If she is partnered with one other volt weapon user, you gain a flat 15% DPS increase when using volt weapons. This incredible passive combined with her reasonable healing capabilities makes her the premier pick regardless of your playstyle.

Tower Of Fantasy Nemesis Stats Character Weapon 2

While Nemesis is the best DPS-centric support in the game, she isn’t the best healer. That honor goes to Cocoritter and her ice staff, Absolute Zero. She is an overall great healer who does a wonderful job of keeping both yourself and your teammates alive. She partners well with Nemesis, as having two support weapons triggers the Benediction resonance effect. This doubles the effectiveness of all healing passives and skills.

Zero is a utility support character who specializes in buffing allies. His healing isn’t great, but the buffs he provides can make up for that. He provides a range of buffs including extra damage, damage immunity, crowd control, and debuff cleaning. Although the traditional healers arguably outperform Zero for completing more difficult content, he is great for speeding up the process of working through easier grindable content like the world bosses.

Tower Of Fantasy Zero Stats Character Weapon

The only other support in Tower of Fantasy is Pepper. She is better than you might think, but is held back by her lack of utility. She is basically just a healer with one useful secondary effect which is unlocked at 6*. Early game players wanting to try the healer playstyle may enjoy using her, but it’s best to upgrade to the SSR supports when the opportunity arises.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC via the game’s official launcher.

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