There was no way Transverse was going to be funded after the disastrous campaign launch.

With seven days to go, Piranha Games has decided to pull the plug on the crowd funding campaign for their space based title Transeverse. The message from Piranha reads:

It’s a bitter sweet day.  Thank you for taking a chance and showing us that you are interested in seeing our vision come to life.  As you can see, the velocity of our crowdfunding campaign never gained the momentum needed to bring Transverse to life as a community funded concept.  We are going to shut down our funding today, ahead of the 30 day deadline and begin the process of refunding as promised.
We plan to take Transverse behind the curtain for now.   One day, I hope to see you on the Fringe!
The campaign launched under heavy criticism from the Mech Warrior Online community who were frustrated with Piranha’s progress in providing expected game features. The campaign also started with some very odd funding goals that made no sense whatsoever. Let’s also not forget the Reddit debacle which really didn’t help Piranha’s public relations.
With Star Citizen and Elite Dangeros on the horizon with all their funding in place, Transverse was always going to struggle. There’s a lesson here for all developers looking for money directly from gamers, make sure you support your community properly and deliver on promises.
Will the game return? Who knows. Piranha will want to put this campaign behind them for now and hopefully get their house in order before trying again in the future.
Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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