Ubisoft have come up with a novel way to boost some interest in Trials of the Blood Dragon, which, it appears, has been a flop since its E3 announcement. Players who download the PC demo from Uplay and finish it with 15 or fewer ‘faults’ (falling off your bike, ramming into walls and the like) will get the full game for free.

The demo will be available from today, and stick around through to 31 July. Trials of the Blood Dragon is, of course, a mash-up of RedLynx’s Trials title and the retro-aesthetics of Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

By the sounds of things (and, to be clear, I haven’t played it), the ‘on foot’ sections in this game are not at all good. Still, you’ve got every opportunity to try it out for yourself with this demo. And, if you like it, enough skill will get you the full game.

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