Tribes: Ascend accepting Beta applications

 Hi-Rez Studios’ reboot of the Tribes franchise is just about ready for testing.
The free to play Tribes Ascend will shortly be going into a closed Beta phase of testing, and gamers can submit their details to take part in the process.
According to Hi-Rez, potential testers wil be hand-selected but it looks like thousands of players will be accepted into the Beta. Hi-Rex will continue to add players to the Beta right through the rest of this year.
The Beta test will include 4 multiplayer maps, 2 game-modes and 3 vehicles in 32 player  multiplayer matches.
If there was one franchise that seserved a reboot it is Tribes and we think this is one to wath out for. Tribes Ascend is due for release some time in Q1 2012.