Trine 2 pre-purchase now on Steam

Frozenbyte has opened up the Trine 2 pre-orders on Steam.
If you’re going to commit to a copy of Trine 2 then now is the time to get your orders in on Steam. As an added bonues, gamers who pre-order will also gain access to the Trine 2 Beta which has the first two levels of the game and is fully multiplayer-enabled (online co-op).
Frozenbyte say that pre-orders “on other channels” will be coming soon and that all Windows versions of Trine 2 will be Steamworks-enabled at launch.
The game will also have a simultaneous release on all platforms which include XBLA, PSN, Windows (Steam) and Mac (Steam). Frozenbyte are looking to get the game released in December, and they hope that release date will “stick”, but don’t want to comment any further right now.

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