September 28th, 2018

TRION shuts down San Diego studio

trion logo

Earlier today TRION appointed Scott Hartsman as the new CEO and this evening TRION has confirmed they are shutting down their San Diego studio which includes teams working on Defiance and End of Nations.

Development on of these two titles will now be moved to their Redwood City studio. A statement from TRION reads as follows:

“We can confirm that the San Diego studio will be closing. The day to day operations of Defiance will be moved to our Redwood City studio where it can be managed alongside Rift and our other in development titles including ArcheAge and End of Nations. As part of this transition, we are working hard to ensure that a number of great people will be making the move from San Diego to the Bay Area and continue their work at Trion.”

Now that End of Nations is a MOBA, yes another damn MOBA, and Defiance will not have performed nearly as well as expected because the TV show is crap and the game is quite poor, surely things can only get better.

Let’s hope Hartsman can ride in on a shiny mount and sort them out.

Thanks Gamasutra.

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