Yesterday we heard about a new beta weekend for Trion’s Defiance MMO, and today there’s confirmation of a global release date of 2 April for the experimental cross-media title. That’s a couple of weeks before the SyFy TV series of the same name gets underway (15 April.)

    “After five years of development, it brings great pride to the Trion and Syfy teams seeing Defiance come to fruition,” says Trion’s Nathan Richardsson.

    Of course, the game will also have to function as a stand-alone MMO, away from the TV series, as not everybody will be able to tune in to the SyFy channel (especially if they’re outside the US.) Nonetheless, if you are able to watch the show as well, you should see events in the series having an impact on the game.

    There’s also a new live action trailer on offer, showing what jolly good fun it is being an Ark Hunter. Ah, sorry … I seem to have confused fun with a harrowing and dangerous existence again.

    Peter Parrish

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