June 19th, 2017

Try Star Citizen Arena Commander for free

Try Star Citizen Arena Commander for free

Cloud Imperium are back with another event promotion and are letting PC gamers take Arena Commander for a spin for free.

Cloud Imperium ran a similar promotion last year to give gamers a taste of the dogfighting action. The fact that there’s not much more to the game right now makes this an ideal opportunity to give it shot. To get involved all you need to do is head to this page, create a new account and then use the promotional code¬†GAMESCOM2015.

With the rest of the modules not due for release for a while yet, this will at least let you try out some of the flyable ships and it’s a good way to find out how your PC rig stacks up.

If you missed all the news that came out of Gamescom last week for Star Citizen then check out our full report.

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