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Avid and active players of Two Point Hospital received some welcome news today. A new free update is coming. The game’s “Sandbox Freeplay” mode is making its TwitchCon debut today and will go live next week for the general public to play. Also, we will see a spooky update continue in the game for Halloween and beyond.

Since its August release, players have cured approximately a billion patients, and they’ve allowed 150 million to die (ouch). Players are clearly enjoying taking on the role of doctor, and this new mode and update are sure to keep them further engaged. As the developer explains, this will finally let you play Two Point Hospital your way.

Sandbox Freeplay Features And Details

  • You need to play through the first three levels of the game to unlock it
  • After unlocking it you can create sandbox hospitals in any of the games’ 15 different levels
  • Unlimited cash and Kuddosh are included
  • You can turn off epidemics if you don’t want to deal with them
  • Long wait queues can also be turned off
  • Change the name of your hospital to whatever you would like
  • Allows for more freedom to run your hospitals the way you want. Anything goes!

This is a feature many players in the community have been asking for. Two Point Hospital has listened to its fanbase and worked alongside them to find out just what they were looking for. They even thanked players for helping to shape this update.

You asked for it, we’ve prescribed it! Two Point Hospital Sandbox: Freeplay is coming soon!

Never let it be said that Two Point Studios isn’t listening to its audience! Over the last couple of months we’ve seen many of you asking for a free play mode, and today we are excited to announce that YOU GOT IT, SCRUBS! We’re totally doing it.

Spooooooky Mode Available Past Halloween

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Additionally, Two Point Hospital is set to celebrate Halloween with its new “Spooooooky Mode”. This new update will have patients sporting pumpkin heads roaming your halls, adding to the creepiness factor. You’ll also find a new, Halloween-themed soundtrack that will play while this mode remains active. Plus, there’s a brand new illness to cure: “Frightheadedness”.

As of this writing, Two Point Studios has not yet set an actual date for when Sandbox: Freeplay Mode goes live. Neither is there an exact date for the launch of Spooooooky Mode, though that is no doubt fast approaching. Make sure you keep an eye out on the Steam update page as well as social media (or right here at PCI!) for future updates.

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