Ubisoft has responded to fan discussions about the inclusion of “optical camouflage” in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. In a post in the community section of the official site, Ubisoft’s Kimi Matsuzaki explained the decision to include the advanced technology in the game.“There have been quite a few discussions about the optical camo feature at the end of our announcement video, so we thought we’d take a moment to talk about it,” said MatsuzakiShe goes on to explain that, despite assertions in the game’s forums, the camouflage was not inspired by Harry Potter but rather the US Army’s Future Solider Initiative.“Optical camo, like other technologies in Future Solider, is a near-future reality, and this is why we chose to include it in GRFS,” she added.

“… But if you’re curious now, go ahead and google “optical camouflage” to see it in action for yourself.”

Or you could just check out the Active Camouflage entry in Wiki, here.

To see what prompted the discussion, take a look at the first Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer.

Paul Younger
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