ShootMania Storm

Nadeo’s community-driven shooter ShootMania Storm has been delayed until April to allow for the developers to “polish the game further and release it to the level of quality we think our players deserve,” according to a Ubisoft press release issued today.

Originally scheduled for release on 23 January (ie; tomorrow,) the game should now come out on 10 April. Before this, an extended open beta phase will get underway from 12 February onwards.

“Following the release of the Beta 2 in December, we received a tremendous amount of information from the very active ShootMania community,” says Nadeo.

It seems as if the team wants to implement a fair amount of that feedback, given the three month delay. Nadeo is also hoping to use ShootMania Storm to break into the competitive e-sports scene, but the reception from professional e-sports players appears to have been somewhat mixed. With more time, maybe the developers can consult with pro players and turn those opinions around.

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