Acclaimed Ubi games like the Heroes of Might and Magic titles, The Settlers franchise, and Rayman Origins star in GOG.com’s weekend offering

    This weekend, the one-stop shop for some of the best games of yesterday and today for PC and Mac, brings gamers a selection of the finest Ubisoft games from its catalog. With over 40 titles available 60% off fans of every genre should find something to tickle their fancy. With Might and Magic 1-through-6 ($3.99, 60% off) promising hours upon hours of turn-based dungeon crawling, Settlers 2 allowing for complex and addictive meddling in kingdom-building, and Rayman Origins ($7.99, 60% off) – arguably one of the best platformers of all time, serving up a challenging mix of exceptional level design and inventive abilities, GOG.com yet again delivers a stellar selection for gamers to choose from. For the full list of available games click here.

    Unbelievably Ubi Weekend Promo is in effect until Tuesday, May 7, at 9:59 AM GMT.

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