When the game first made its way to the Playstation 3 5 years ago, people praised the game, claiming that the first Uncharted would make an incredible movie, which is a pretty fair assumption to make. With the success the coming sequels carried with them, this of course pushed the hype for an Uncharted movie even further. Eventually plans for the movie were announced, with a big debate to come where gamers would pit actor against actor for the role of Nathan Drake.

Of course picking the right person to play Nathan would not be an easy task, but it’s only a small hiccup in what appears to be a problem-ridden project. Aside from the original plot planning to focus on family ideals rather than adventure and exploration, the project has lost more than one director, with another adding to the ranks very recently:

“Variety reports today that Limitless director Neil Burger has left the project after coming aboard during Jul7 2011. Burger replaced I Heart Huckabees director David O. Russell, who left the captain’s chair for the film in May 2011. “


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