The next expansion for Battlefield 3, ‘Armored Kill’, will include four new maps for the game; one of which is being touted as “largest map in Battlefield history”. That’s kind of meaningless if it’s no fun to play on, of course, but the proof of that will come in September when the add-on is released for ‘Battlefield Premium’ members.

Everyone else will have to wait until two weeks after that date (the specific day hasn’t been revealed yet) and pay an as-yet unspecified price. There’s a one-week period of exclusivity for the PlayStation 3 to factor in too, so figuring out when you can actually get hold of it could be quite a mathematical exercise.

‘Armored Kill’ also has five new vehicles to get about in, and the inevitable multiplayer unlocks (20 in all) to accompany them.

Two maps, the big ol’ Bandar Desert and snowy Alborz Mountain, are shown in this rather loud video.

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