Fortnite Upgrade Bench Weapon Season 7 Locations

Players that were around for early seasons of Fortnite Chapter 2 likely remember the weapon upgrade benches that were located around the map. These stations allowed players to trade in building materials for weapon upgrades with increasing costs based upon rarity. As it would have it, weapon upgrade benches are back in new locations for Season 7, but these stations don’t work the same as they used to in Fortnite due to varies gameplay revisions.

The gold bars in-game currency that was introduced in Season 5 remains the default currency for many things in Season 7, weapon upgrade benches included. Since it’s the beginning of the new season, you’ll want to learn more about how to earn gold bars now rather than later. Weapon upgrades ain’t cheap, after all. Fortunately, using the upgrade benches is easy, just like spending money always should be. Just approach the bench and interact with it to upgrade your equipped weapon. There’s no wait time, so you can still generally make use of upgrades when pressed for time.


Just remember that different weapon upgrade tiers cost different amounts of gold bars. Here are all of the prices:

  • white to green – 200 gold bars
  • green to blue – 300 gold bars
  • blue to purple – 400 gold bars
  • purple to gold – 500 gold bars

How To Use Weapon Upgrade Bench Fortnite Season 7 Quest

Weapon upgrade bench locations

Now that you know how to use weapon upgrade benches for Season 7 of Fortnite, here are the different locations to find them at on the map. We’ll explain these locations from top to bottom according to the map below.

Note: Epic made it a little easier this season to spot these stations when in close proximity. Just look for a skyward pointing white arrow on your in-game HUD. You’ll also notice that other objects like vending machines and payphone booths show up with different icons.

Fortnite Weapon Upgrade Bench Locations Season 7

The weapon upgrade bench at Craggy Cliffs can be found in a warehouse building on the east end of the location where it meets the beach. The one at Steamy Stacks can be found in a building near the center of the location. The station at Believer Beach is located at the trailer park on the south side of the location. Risky Reels has a station in the small yard behind the main building. The weapon upgrade bench at Steamy Stack is located in the large warehouse on the east end of the location by the sea.

This next location is a little vague. There are some ruins of a warehouse east of The Spire crater among a grove of trees. If you recall from last season where the Rex NPC spawned, that’s the spot. The Lumber Mill also has a station inside of it. It’s right next to the Durr Burger. All the way over in Catty Corner, you can also find one in the middle of the scrapyard. The last weapon upgrade bench location is way out of the way down at the Island of Camp Cod. Fortunately, there’s a hidden UFO you can use to get out of there with if you need to escape the storm.

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