urban empire city builder

Fragment Productions Ltd┬áhave today announced development of their new city builder Urban Empire. The more appropriate title according to the publisher Kalypso is ‘City Ruler’ as it promises to combine the familiar city builder features along with political scheming and 200 years of historical progress into the mix.

In the role of Mayer players must employ strategic planning and political savvy to successfully grow their cities starting from the Industrial Age through technological revolutions such as electric trams and antibiotics. Establish infrastructures, city districts, public services and all the amenities citizens demand to remain productive and happy. But in order to do so the political arena needs to be conquered also. Debate political decisions at the town council, convince them of your sound political agenda or bribe and blackmail your opponents to bend them to your will in order to realise your vision. Empower your people with democratic rights winning their approval or ride roughshod over them and reign supreme.

Choose from one of four ruling families comprising 5 members each. Each family favours its own style of management and its own vision such as the Kilgannons who are advocates of equal rights and social justice or the Sant-Elias whose focus is scientific progress and the pursuit of knowledge.

Fragment Productions promise around 800 dynamic events to keep you on your toes ranging from women’s rights to the hippie movement and child labour issues to tackle.

Urban Empire is due for release in Q3 2016 and will be debuting at this year’s GDC in San Francisco which kicks off next Monday. In the meantime here’s some screenshots and a teaser trailer.



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