Lost Planet 3 (1)

Bet you wish you’d brought a wooly hat now, eh?

Welcome to Professor Capcom’s distressing science class. In today’s lesson, we’re going to learn how to freeze to death. Is that a bit of a depressing thing to hear about? Yes it is, but it’s also tangentially related to Lost Planet 3 because the planet in that game is rather snowy.

So, what happens if you spend too much time out in the cold? Bad things, in short. You get frostbite and you piss yourself. And then you die. How does this relate to the gameplay mechanics of Lost Planet 3? I have no idea, because the video doesn’t really tell us. Will all this fancy talk about staying out of the cold manifest itself as anything more than a slowly filling “cold meter” that pops you back to the nearest checkpoint once it fills up? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer. Don’t forget to wrap up warm.

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