V Rising: Where to find Copper for the Castle Heart upgrade

V Rising Copper Ore Copper Ingot Guide

If you’ve been following regular progression in V Rising, you should have a quest called “Expanding my Domain.” It just so happens that this action requires 12x Copper Ingots, and the game doesn’t tell you where to find these resources. Here’s our V Rising guide to help you find Copper Ores and Copper Ingots so you can upgrade the Castle Heart.

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V Rising guide: Where to find Copper Ore and how to make Copper Ingots for the Castle Heart

To be clear, Copper nodes/deposits in V Rising can be found all over Farbane Woods. These can be mined as long as your attack level (determined by your gear score) is past level 10. Ideally, you’ll want to use the Reinforced Bone Mace (i.e., 1x Bone Mace, 4x Plank, and 120x Stone).

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Sadly, these nodes are also few and far between, so you really need to find a place that has a lot of these deposits. Well, look no further, because you simply need to head to Bandit Copper Mine, which is near the central area of Farbane Woods.

Note: Before you go there, be sure to interact with the Blood Altar to track Errol the Stonebreaker.

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The camp is a moderately sized area that’s teeming with hostile mobs. The tunnel itself has more enemies, and you should see a bunch of Copper deposits.

Likewise, you’ll spot Errol the Stonebreaker in the mining pit. You might as well take him out now since this section has more nodes, and you can get the Aftershock ability from him, too.

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Errol the Stonebreaker has the following attacks:

  • Aftershock – This creates a glowing purple line in the ground, followed by an explosion along that line. When below 50% HP, Errol will create X-shaped outlines.
  • Whistle While You Work – Errol will whistle, causing more miners to spawn.

Due to all the mobs that are out to get you, it’s best to use the Blood Rite ability here. Pop it when you’re about to get hit to blast enemies with an AoE pulse.

Once the boss is downed, you can feed on him to obtain the Aftershock ability. He’ll also explode and destroy most of the mineral deposits.

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Now, you’ve got a lot of Copper Ores in V Rising, and it’s time to turn them into Copper Ingots. To do that, open the build menu and go to Production – Refinement to construct a Furnace (i.e., 480x Stone and 60x Copper Ore). Each Copper Ingot requires 20x Copper Ores, so just place your hauled loot.

Note: Don’t forget that the Castle Heart upgrade also requires a bunch of Leather. If you’re already done with that, then it’s time to look for Whetstones to make Castle Roofs.

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V Rising is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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