V Rising: Where to find Leather for the Castle Heart upgrade

V Rising Leather Tannery Keely The Frost Archer Guide

If you’ve been following regular progression in V Rising, you should have a quest called “Expanding my Domain.” But, this action requires 12x Leather, and the game doesn’t tell you where to find these items readily. Here’s our V Rising guide to help you construct the Tannery so you can make more Leather for the Castle Heart upgrade.

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V Rising guide: How to build the Tannery and make Leather

The Tannery is the workbench that you need to make Leather in V Rising. To gain access to it, you’ll want to head to the Bandit Tanner Camp in the northeastern portion of Farbane Woods.

Note: Before you go there, be sure to interact with the Blood Altar to track Keely the Frost Archer.

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Upon arrival, you should spot several caged animals and patroling trapper mobs. Keely herself is walking around in the camp, and you should be able to aggro and kite her back to the entrance.

Note: Once you begin the encounter, the wild animals will be released. It’s possible for the creature and Keely to damage each other, making this fight a lot easier if you can avoid the damage.

V Rising Leather Tannery Keely The Frost Archer Guide 2a

For the most part, Keely has these abilities that you need to watch out for:

  • Triple Arrow – After aiming at you, she’ll fire three arrows in an arc.
  • Arrow Rain – Several red circles will appear on the ground and the boss will do a charge-up move. After a couple of seconds, projectiles will rain down from the sky. You can dodge to get further away, then use your Shadowbolt to deal ranged damage.

Once Keely the Frost Archer is down, you can feed on her to gain the Frost Bat ability and Tannery blueprint.

Note: If you’re lucky, a Brute mob with 93% Blood Quality might spawn in the tent. Feeding on him should net you a lot of passive bonuses.

V Rising Leather Tannery Keely The Frost Archer Guide 2b

Go back to your base, open the build menu, and check Production – Refinement. You should now be able to construct the Tannery (i.e., 8x Plank and 160x Animal Hide).

Each piece of Leather that you need for the Castle Heart upgrade requires 16x Animal Hide, so try to have more than enough of the materials.

Note: Don’t forget that the Castle Heart upgrade also requires a bunch of Copper Ingots. If you’re already done with that, then it’s time to look for Whetstones to make Castle Roofs.

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V Rising is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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