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In the wild wilderness of Valheim lies many mysteries, one of which is the key to the fourth boss; the dragon eggs of Moder. The fourth boss of Valheim requires you to know how to get and use the eggs, the young of Moder the dragon, as a sacrifice.

The collection of the eggs requires a number of things; the most important is patience, and the second being specific resilience. The eggs are located in various places around the Mountain biome and you have to be able to make your way through the damaging cold to get them.

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What you need to get and use the dragon eggs

Before you set off on your quest for Moder, you’re going to need to ensure you are properly equipped. The cold weather of the Mountain biome is one of the only ones in the game that will actively hurt you if you are not prepared.

  • Frost Resistant Mead – This can be crafted in a fermenter and cauldron. It will provide 10 minutes of cold resistance in which you can farm the wolves and silver found in the mountain to craft wolf armor. Read our guide on mead and potions here.
  • Wolf Armor – This armor is not only some of the best in the game, but it also protects against cold. This allows you to get out there for as long as you need to get and use the dragon eggs. It takes some work, but is well worth crafting — and not just for the mountains.

How to get and use the dragon eggs in Valheim

With a few simple steps, you can make yourself a dragon egg omelet and conquer the dragon boss of the mountains.

Find the mountains

Once you’ve got yourself prepared for the cold, it’s time to find the Mountain biome. It is usually situated near the Black Forest but there are easier ways to spot the telltale peaks. The thing with mountains is that they’re massive. Float out into a big body of water and they will be quite hard to miss. Set your sights and set your sail.

Locate Moder’s summoning location

Dotted around the mountain are dilapidated ruins. Each of these has a chance to host a boss locator stone. These red stones, once activated, will show you where on the map Moder’s summoning platform is located. You will note that there is a space for three dragon eggs. Now you just need to know how to get and use the dragon eggs in Valheim.

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Find & transport the dragon eggs

Once you have found the summoning location, it’s time to start the hard work. Finding the eggs takes considerable patience due to their weight and obscure positioning. There are a few ways to make the work a little easier.

  • Find the eggs – They are tucked away in the mountains around the maps so you may have to travel to find all three. You can make your life slightly easier by visiting the mountains at night and making your way to the highest point. As you look around you will notice the eggs glow with a purple light. If you’re lucky, they could all be on the same mountain.
  • Transport the eggs –  Take into account the weight of the eggs. Each one comes in at a backbreaking 200 units each, so you can forget about carrying them all at once. They also cannot be teleported; that would be far too simple. The trick to making this easier is to use the mountain to your advantage. Throwing the eggs down the mountain slopes to your boat is significantly quicker than trying to walk while over-encumbered. Once you have rolled your egg to your boat, pop it in storage and head to the next mountain biome.
    • There is no easy way to get the eggs from your ship to the summoning spot, so be prepared for some slow mountain hiking. Getting them down was the easy bit, getting them back up again is not so simple. Never skip leg day.
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Place the eggs

For the final step, get your eggs to the summoning platform and place them in the slots. It is worth bearing in mind that if you fail the fight with Moder you will have to go through the entire egg-collecting process again. The eggs are scrambled on summoning. Check out our tips and tricks to ensure you are prepared for Moder.

Note: Valheim is still in Early Access, so certain features may be prone to change.

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