Valheim Guide How To Find Silver Wolf Armor Frost Resistance Wishbone Mountains Biome

Valheim guide — How to get silver, frost resistance, and Wolf Armor

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

Traversing Valheim‘s Mountain biome can be an arduous task. But, you’ll need to do it if you wish to farm obsidian for arrows, silver for Wolf Armor, and Dragon Eggs for the next boss, Moder. Before you can succeed, however, you’ll need some frost resistance. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Note: Valheim is currently an Early Access title. As such, mechanics and content may change in due course. For more information, check out our Valheim guides and features hub.


Valheim: Getting frost resistance buffs and farming silver for the Wolf Armor set

Frost resistance mead

The moment you step foot on the Mountain biome of Valheim, your character will gain the “freezing” status effect. Not only does this stunt your health and stamina regeneration, but you’ll also take one point of damage each second. Needless to say, you’ll be dead before you can even farm ores. You could try to build campfires, but you’ll just freeze again if you leave that source of warmth.

As such, you’ll want the frost resistance mead base (10x honey, 5x thistle, 2x bloodbag, and 1x greydwarf eye). Thistle and greydwarf eyes are easily found. For bloodbags, you’ll have to kill leeches in the Swamp biome. Lastly, honey is collected from beehives.

You’ll then need to make use of your cauldron and fermenter. The former creates the mead base itself, and you place that in the latter to make 6x frost resistance mead. The fermentation process takes two days, but you can do an exploit that lets you skip time quickly.

Vlh Mtn Slv Obs Wf 1

Fighting enemies in Valheim‘s Mountain biome and dealing with the freezing status effect

When you chug on a frost resistance mead, you’ll gain a 10-minute buff that completely negates the freezing status effect. This allows you to explore Valheim‘s Mountain biome. Just beware of the monsters there.

The most dangerous ones are stone golems. Some rock formations might turn out to be enchanted elementals, and they can put you in a world of hurt. Knockback attacks can even push you off cliffsides completely.

Vlh Mtn Slv Obs Wf 2a

There are also drakes, children of the dragon Moder, that’ll swoop down to blast you with deadly ice breaths. Although drakes are extremely weak against fire arrows, the fact that they’re further away from you can cause a problem.

If their corpses fall off the edge, you can say goodbye to your loot (mostly freeze glands and the occasional drake trophy) unless you want to climb back all the way down.

Vlh Mtn Slv Obs Wf 2b1

Likewise, there are rabid wolves that usually hunt in packs of three. They can be easily dealt with, but they can overwhelm you if you’re not careful.

At night, wolves are backed up by Fenrings (werewolves). They have speedy recovery after being parried, and they can pounce on you as well.

Vlh Mtn Slv Obs Wf 2c

So, how do you farm silver and obsidian?

Both obsidian and silver deposits require an iron pickaxe (20x iron and 3x core wood). If you’ve been farming Sunken Crypts in Valheim‘s Swamp biome, then you should have lots of iron already. You’re going to need a few pickaxes (and a means to repair them) once you start gathering materials in the mountains.

For obsidian, the deposits are more straightforward. The nodes just look like square blocks. Raw obsidian, once smelted, can be used to forge new arrow types such as frost arrows (8x wood, 4x obsidian, 2x feathers, and 1x freeze gland).

Valheim Guide How To Find Silver Wolf Armor Frost Resistance Wishbone Mountains Biome 1a

As for silver deposits, these are hidden underground. You need to equip the Wishbone accessory dropped by Bonemass to discover these. The idea is to watch a greenish glow and listen to a ping. Like radar, the pulses will be louder and will come at shorter intervals when you’re close to the silver deposit.

Note: My suggestion is to turn off Valheim‘s music so you can hear the pulse and chime sound effects more clearly.

Valheim Guide How To Find Silver Wolf Armor Frost Resistance Wishbone Mountains Biome 1b

Collecting materials for the Wolf Armor set

The Wolf Armor set requires the following materials:

  • Drake Helmet – 20x silver, 2x wolf pelt, and 2x drake trophy.
  • Wolf Armor Chest – 20x silver, 5x wolf pelt, and 1x chain (dropped by wraiths in the Sunken Crypts/Swamp biome).
  • Wolf Armor Legs – 20x silver, 5x wolf pelt, and 4x wolf fang.
  • Wolf Fur Cape – 6x wolf pelt, 4x silver, and 1x wolf trophy.

The Wolf Armor set is one of the best ones you can find in Valheim. In fact, two slots (the chest piece and cloak) offer the same buff as a frost resistance mead.

Note: Each item that has a frost resistance effect (i.e., mead, chest piece, and cloak), on its own, negates the normal climate in the Mountain biome of Valheim. But, inclement weather (i.e., rains or blizzards) can still cause you to freeze. During these instances, you’ll need to stack frost resistance from an armor piece plus the mead.

Valheim Guide How To Find Silver Wolf Armor Frost Resistance Wishbone Mountains Biome 2

What’s next?

The main objective of Valheim‘s Mountain biome is to collect three Dragon Eggs scattered all over the region. These are used to summon Moder, the game’s fourth boss. Unfortunately, each egg has a 200-point carry weight. And, just like the silver and obsidian ores, you can’t fast travel using portals if you’re carrying one.

An option is to build a cart that lets you transport your goods. Just watch out for enemies and steep inclines. If the cart turns over or is destroyed, breaking some containers might also destroy any Dragon Egg that’s in the storage boxes.

Still, if you have the patience, time, and grit, you’ll be able to collect the necessary sacrifices. Soon, you’ll have an opportunity to do battle with the dragon Moder.

Valheim Guide How To Find Silver Wolf Armor Frost Resistance Wishbone Mountains Biome 3

Valheim is available on Steam as part of the Early Access program. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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