Valve makes changes to DOTA 2 to welcome new players

Valve makes changes to DOTA 2 to welcome new players

Starting out in DOTA 2 is daunting and Valve realise this can be a problem when it comes to introducing new players to the MOBA. Valve has decided to make a few changes to make life easier and more pleasant for newbies.

Today’s DOTA¬†2 update changes the game for new players in a few ways. New players are going to be restricted to selecting heroes from a group of twenty for the first twenty-five games. Valve has chosen these heroes because they understand new players find them easier to grasp.

The second change is matchmaking. Now new players will be matched with players who have high behaviour scores. This means new players are less likely to have abuse hurled at them when starting out. New players will also find themselves matched against “approproiately-skilled” players that are also well behaved.

Some positive changes there, and as someone who found DOTA  2 overwhelming when I first played it, it might be time to reinstall.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Enrico

      I stopped playing with the really bad changes they made with version 7, transforming it into a different (worst) game. Look at the stats: they have lost nearly 100k players (on the average) since 7.0:
      Good job Valve.

      • waswat

        People sure are rigid on changes. I liked what they did.