Vampire Survivors announces new Adventures mode

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Following on from last month’s Whiteout update, poncle is bringing even more Vampire Survivors goodness to the fans with the addition of an all-new Adventures mode.

This mode, announced by the team on Twitter, is set to add new chunks of self-contained content for players who have already seen everything the game and its DLCs have to offer.

Poncle announces Adventures mode for Vampire Survivors

Adventures mode was announced via a post on the official poncle Twitter account, which also featured a short video introducing the feature. Essentially, Adventures are new self-contained storylines, wherein players will be able to progress through chapters with a character, completing challenges along the way. 

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The key feature of Adventures is the way that they reset progression in the game back to zero. In Vampire Survivors, and the other Survivors-likes it has inspired, you can make enough permanent progress that most of the game’s content is trivial, leaving little to do for experienced players who reach that point. 

Adventures put you right back at the start in terms of power level, letting you enjoy new challenges without all of the stat buffs and powerful characters you’ve come to rely on. Crucially, however, they let you do so without impacting your progress in the game’s ‘main’ path, meaning you can enjoy the early game experience without wiping your hard-earned file.

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The initial wave of Adventures will feature three separate Chapters: A Garlic Paradise, starring Poe Ratcho, A World of Light and Dark, with Imelda Belpaese, and Legacy of the Moonspell, featuring Miang Moonspell. The first two will be available to everyone who owns the base game, while the third will require the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. Each Chapter focuses on one specific character, giving you a chance to master their intricacies in a way that you never had to before.

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In addition, Adventures will also be highly replayable, offering an ‘Ascension’ feature that lets you rack up stat buffs after each complete run of a Chapter. This makes Adventures a nice outlet for those who want more Vampire Survivors while they wait for new major updates to drop. They can also be enjoyed in local co-op mode, so you can tackle the new challenges on offer with friends if you so choose.

In terms of release date, Adventures are apparently ‘Coming Soon’, so we can’t say anything for sure just yet. Given poncle’s usual quick turnarounds, however, you can likely expect the first Adventures Chapters to drop within the month, and certainly before the holiday season kicks into gear. For more information on Vampire Survivors’ Adventures mode, you can check out the Adventures FAQ provided by poncle on their announcement post.

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