Van Helsing 2 adds new mini-narrative in Ink Hunt DLC

Van Helsing 2 adds new mini-narrative in Ink Hunt DLC
van helsing 2 ink hunt (4)
Guys, I found the ink. This world is floating in it.

Be careful when saying the name of this Van Helsing 2 DLC out loud, it could quickly become offensive. With that important warning out of the way, here’s what Ink Hunt adds for your $5.00 USD.

Basically, it’s a new mini-adventure across four maps for Mr. Van Helsing to get stuck into. It sounds like it’s intended to be something you tackle after theĀ Van Helsing 2 end-game, and involves a “new threat” emanating from an ethereal gate in their lair.

Those four maps are described as the gothic town of Sanctuary, the graveyard-like Island of Bones, a secret industrial plant within some Inkheart Mines and the Crystal Bastion, home to a recently awoken creature.

Each of those areas sound pretty distinct, and it’s kind of a shame they weren’t in the main game really. Considering it only came out about a month ago.

Here’s an Ink Hunt trailer. You can read the IncGamers review of Van Helsing 2 here.

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