Jeff Minter, developer of Tempest 2000, has revealed that Atari is using his own game against him, to stop him from distributing TxK.

    Minter has shared the details on this pastebin, but as a summary:

    • Atari has been sending legal paperwork to Minter and his company Llamasoft
    • Atari claims Minter/Llamasoft ripped off Tempest 2000
    • Atari points to several game elements, including the soundtrack and the AI droid
    • Minter points out that he made Tempest 2000 for Atari
    • Minter argues several of the bits Atari claims are stolen aren’t owned by Atari
    • Minter furthermore points out the AI Droid is his personal touch in all his games

    Ultimately, Minter can’t stop Atari, because they raise so many points it would cost too much for Llamasoft to contest them, even if he’s in the right.

    TxK is only on Vita now, but this legal action has stopped Minter from releasing the game’s ports to other platforms, including PC, PS4, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR.

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