It’s been a long time since I wrote about Virginia (two years, in fact), and in that interim period the 90s-based ‘first-person thriller’ has crept up on a full release date. As the new trailer (below) states, the Virginia investigations can begin on 22 September.

Actually, they can sort of begin right now because the game also has a short demo available through Steam. That obviously won’t give you the full picture, but should provide a taste of what Variable State are going for here.

Citing thoroughly excellent things like Fargo and Twin Peaks as inspirations, Virginia puts you in the shoes of graduate FBI agent Anne Tarver. Tarver is in the small town of Kingdom, Virginia (where else?) to figure out what happened to the missing Lucas Fairfax. In the course of her investigations, Tarver will find herself “negotiating competing interests, uncovering hidden agendas and testing the patience of a community unaccustomed to uninvited scrutiny.”

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