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Voodoo Detective, a new point-and-click inspired by Monkey Island, is available today

The Secret of Voodoo Island.
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It appears that a comeback of sorts for the classic point-and-click adventure genre lies on the horizon, at least if the upcoming revivals of Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer indicate anything. Another possible sign of this comeback has arrived in the form of Voodoo Detective, a new point-and-click made by developer Short Sleeve Studio. According to a press release, this title specifically takes inspiration from Monkey IslandKing’s Quest, and other games like those. It even has Peter McConnell, the original Monkey Island composer, on board. If you desperately need to scratch that classic point-and-click itch, you can try out Voodoo Detective today and see what you think.

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Set in 1934, the story of Voodoo Detective takes place in “New Ginen, an island paradise swimming in Voodoo culture, drowning in tourists.” Players take control of the titular Voodoo Detective, a cheeky private investigator with a client named Mary Fontule. This mysterious client holds a secret that apparently threatens “the very fabric of existence,” so the Voodoo Detective will need to handle this case with care.


Jokes and whimsy abound

Creators Eric Fulton and Eric Ackerman describe Voodoo Detective as a neo-noir that lets players enjoy a magical world filled with mystery and all sorts of voodoo shenanigans. Much like its inspirations, the game comes with plenty of laughs, although humor is highly subjective. Interestingly, the game boasts a robust voice cast, with talent from Avatar: The Last AirbenderMass EffectAustin PowersFinal FantasyStar Trek, and a whole host of other notable works joining the roster. It’s quite the eclectic group, but that matches the intriguing vibes we get from Voodoo Detective.

If nothing else, those involved with this project suggest that Short Sleeve Studio has taken it quite seriously. Hopefully, by the end of today, fans of classic point-and-click adventure games will see if Voodoo Detective lives up to the esteemed legacy of its spiritual predecessors.

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