Who’s your favourite in England’s Wars of the Roses, Lancaster or York? If you say Lancaster I will cut you (sorry, old rivalries die hard). Swedish developers Fatshark are taking the conflict pretty seriously too, and have released a developer diary and new alpha screenshots from the melee-focused War of the Roses.
For anyone who’s played Mount & Blade in multiplayer, the game is (at this stage) sounding a bit like that. However, based on what’s said in the developer diary (below), it seems Fatshark is trying to refine the melee combat as much as possible; so no more awkwardly circle-strafing around one another like in Mount & Blade, hopefully.
The screenshots (also below) are looking pretty fine too, so this could be one to look out for in the rather underpopulated genre of decent melee combat.
No release date has been announced yet, but War of the Roses will (like much of the stuff published by Paradox) be heading to the PC.


Paul Younger
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