War of the Roses

As we reported in our Brian Blessed-centric War of the Roses story last week, Paradox is releasing a trial version of medieval multiplayer combat title War of the Roses. In fact, make that “has released” because the trial edition is available to download for free on Steam now. Just follow that link and select the ‘demo’ option.

It’s somewhat more than a demo though, pitched somewhere between that and an all-out free to play option.

Basically, you’ll be able to try out any of the four base classes (Footman, Guardsman, Longbowman, and Footknight) and use default equipment. You’ll also be able to play on any map, and against both trial and full version users. However, there’s no levelling up available (virtual currency can be earned but not spent, unless you unlock the full game) and you’ll be restricted to two game modes: Team Deathmatch and Conquest.

If that sounds like the gateway drug to trying War of the Roses you always dreamed of, then go forth for the glory of Yorkshire.

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