This is either Warframe or an artist’s impression of a DDOS attack.

According to a post on the official Warframe forums, the game has been under DDOS attack on PC for a number of hours. The latest update from Digital Extremes administrator ‘DERebecca’ says that the team will be “working through the night” to stabilise the servers. Once that happens, players should hopefully be able to log in again without issue.

It’s not entirely clear who’s behind the attack (if Digital Extremes know, they’re not saying) or why they’re so upset at this free-to-play space ninja title. The update post pins blame on a “Corpus conspirator” in a nod to the game’s lore.

If you’re concerned about your Warframe progress, or what may happen to some of the time-sensitive items and features your character may have ongoing at the moment, Digital Extremes has an FAQ for you to refer to. In brief, most time-sensitive stuff looks like it’s being paused while this is resolved. So nobody should “lose” anything.


“What about my (time sensitive booster)?”

Rest assured we will be compensating anyone who purchased a booster and is affected by these interruptions. Full details to follow.

“What about my Argon decaying?”

Indeed, this DDOS attack has caused a Void Distortion, decaying has subsided. Argon will not be decaying until server stability returns. Please note this won’t fix timers (they will still appear to countdown), but no Argon will be deducted.

“What about Dark Sector conflicts?”

All active or pending Dark Sector conflicts/deploys have been extended by 1 day (24 hours) to make up for the lack of playability during this downtime.

“What about my Login reward streak?”

Login rewards have been given a 2 day leeway for users who could not login during this time.

Update: Stability should now be improved. The latest word from Digital Extremes is: “We expect stability moving forward, thank you everyone for your patience. We will be compensating those who purchased time sensitive boosters in the coming day or two. We will also have an update tomorrow on the plan for unplayable Alerts during the downtime.”

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