Steve Sinclair, the creative director on Digital Extremes’ Warframe, has told IncGamers that he’s seen a lot of negative feelings directed towards players who’ve chosen to support the free-to-play game by purchasing items.

“The problem with this market is concerns about ‘pay to win.’ There’s a lot of cynicism and almost like a cult-like negativity, I think, towards that,” Sinclair says.

“Frankly there’s a lot of poisonous attitudes towards those players who are supporting the game. There’s some really strange attitudes, and it’s been very eye-opening.”

Defending the marketplace system Warframe has in place, Sinclair adds “This is a game, this is not like a casino slot-machine exploitive game.”

“Before we even thought about how to place it in the market, we thought about what’s going to be awesome and how does it feel to be a space ninja. The rest is figuring out how we can keep this going as a business … because it’s an independent project we obviously need to keep it going.”

“So far I think we’re doing pretty well, although there’s always going to be ten percent of people who really don’t agree with me.”

You can read more about Warframe, it’s latest (and upcoming) updates and Digital Extremes’ experience of the free-to-play market in our extensive interview.

We’ve got hold of more beta keys for the game too, so if you want to give it a try for yourself head over to our giveaway page.

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