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Fans have been asking for Octavia Prime for quite some time and Digital Extremes has obliged. Octavia Prime has made her debut in Warframe and we got to take her for a spin and see what the latest Prime packs have to offer. Octavia players are well aware of her unique capabilities, as she has a stringed instrument called a Mandachord with fully customizable music. This version of the frame naturally offers superior stats and a stylish new skin.

Much like the other Prime frames, Octavia Prime is tied with three packs — only two of which include her. Named after her special abilities, they’re the Mallet, Resonance, and Amp packs. The Mallet Pack costs $50 USD and includes 1,050 Platinum, but only comes with the two prime weapons. Higher up is the Resonance Pack, coming in at $80 USD with 2,625 platinum. This one includes the weapons and Octavia Prime, as well as Octavia Prime profile glyphs. Finally, the Amp Pack costs a whopping $140 USD and comes with 3,990 platinum and some Prime accessories.

The Prime Accessories can be purchased by themselves for $50 USD and include Prime armor, a special syandana, and the Aristei Prime Shawzin, which gives Octavia something special to play while she’s emoting during vicious firefights. Like other accessory packs, it also comes with 90-day affinity and resource boosters that are applied to your Warframe account immediately. Octavia Prime’s skin is a real looker too. It adds golden earrings and a ponytail made of strings. Because of the music. You get it.

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Gunning for your heart

Octavia Prime doesn’t just look different, of course, but also has 33.4% higher shields and 16.6% more energy compared to her vanilla counterpart. The new prime weapons are Tenora Prime and Pandero Prime, which are better versions of the vanilla chaingun and pistol, respectively. I’m rather enjoying using both weapons, as Prime weapons are always fun to rank up. Same with Octavia, whose unique abilities make her stand apart from other frames. Taking these weapons into early game levels while you rank up a new frame will obviously see you tearing through enemies like wet paper.

As with other Prime frames, you don’t have to buy Octavia Prime in Warframe — you can now obtain the parts needed to put her together. Specifically, you’ll need four void relics: Axi 05, Lith G3, Neo Z7, and Meso D6. As a fun bonus, her resonator is a bass drum instead of a roller. Fans of Octavia will find it absolutely worthwhile to make the upgrade, as they’ll no doubt be the envy of their Octavia-having friends who don’t have the time or cash to either grind or outright buy her.

I’m having a good time running through areas in Warframe with Octavia Prime’s sleek new look. It doesn’t hurt that Tenora Prime is a highly satisfying primary weapon to have available. Regardless, she’s another solid addition to the Prime playing field that I’m sure fans will love to show off. And for hanging back while their teammates do all the work in order to supply the tunes. Everybody loves a bard.

Warframe Octavia Prime 3

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