No playing with your weird hyena-dogs today.

Anybody trying to play Warframe on PC today has probably been running into some problems. Difficulties logging in and various disconnection events seem to be a regular occurrence.

A support ticket reply about the problems states that the game’s servers are running normally but the title is having some “external networking issues.” Here’s the statement:

While the Warframe servers continue to run normally, there are some external networking issues that are preventing some players from being able to log into Warframe. Players may also have disconnection issues at points where the game client needs to contact the server such as the ends of a mission, attempting to use the foundry, or while using the in-game marketplace. Unfortunately items/loot lost from missions are not recoverable as we would have no record uploaded to our servers. Do not be concerned about any active boosters, further details will be made available on the forums.

Those details don’t seem to be on the Warframe PC ‘news and announcements’ forum at the time of writing, although there is a thread from last week covering similar disconnection problems.

The general PC beta forum has a thread made by players wondering what’s going on, but no official posts as yet. Edit: Now there is. Another DDOS attack over the weekend apparently, but all should be well again.

When the game has suffered from issues like this in the past, Digital Extremes have usually been pretty good about resetting timers on things like “active boosts” (as noted in the support ticket.) Seems like any gathered loot and items from a disconnected mission will be lost, though. Might be best to hold off on playing until there’s official word on the situation from the Warframe forums.

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