September 5th, 2017

Wargame: Red Dragon teaser video explodes onto the internet

Wargame: Red Dragon teaser video explodes onto the internet


Hot off the heels of us awarding it the coveted “Best Strategy Series Everybody Always Forgets About” in our Alternative Awards, the Wargame series has blasted into 2014 with a teaser trailer for the upcoming Wargame: Red Dragon.

“Teaser trailer” is actually doing it a bit of a disservice, though. Most teaser trailers just show a 3D logo spinning slowly into view, because everybody loves logos. This trailer? This trailer shows vehicles and missiles and explosions and artillery. It’s basically a minute of (very structured) in-game footage. It’s also probably the prettiest hardcore strategy game I’ve seen thus far, so it’s maybe worth a look for that alone.

Set between 1975 and 1991, Wargame: Red Dragon has the NATO and Pact armies battling it out in central Asia. New factions, new units, and new combat vehicles bring the total number of units up to a whopping 1,300. Naval and amphibious units! China and North Korea! 20-player multiplayer! Other things that will probably be bullet points on the back of the metaphorical box!

No idea when Wargame: Red Dragon is due out, but I’ll take a guess at “later in 2014.” Have a peek at the teaser vid below.

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    • DavidTheSlayer

      Looks impressive for an RTS, graphically too. Hopefully to see more gameplay soon to see how it plays.