Warhammer Online’s development manager, John Cox, has spoken out about hacking and how the problem is handled behind the scenes at Mythic.Without giving too much away to any would-be hackers, Cox explains why it sometimes takes a little while to resolve possible hacking issues. As gamers, it’s all too easy to slate companies for not acting quickly in response to a new cheat or vulnerability, but as Cox points out, the detection systems in place can’t be totally automated:“Awhile back while we were developing a detection routine, we came into work and popped open the cheater detection rat trap and found all of our Windows Vista users had been flagged for cheating mistakenly.  No, this isn’t a “Get a Mac” commercial, honest!  But the moral of the story is, if we had implemented this detection as a means of prevention instead, all Vista users would have been unable to log into the game!”Read more on Mythic’s war on hackers in the latest Warhammer Herald.

    Paul Younger
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