The latest update to Warhammer Online went live earlier, bringing many RvR changes to the game, and overhauling the new player experience.New players of each realm will now start in the same zone, making the early stages of the game less of a solo experience. A number of other changes that improve the social aspect of WAR have also been introduced, including an automatic invite a starter guild and a channel dedicated to helping beginners. An apprentice system that is designed to allow players of any tier to be able to play together is now also live. You can read more about the changes, which include career changes and performance improvements, in our earlier article.Producer Jeff Skalski goes over the changes in his latest letter to the community, where he reveals that characters now have the option to walk and sit, something he feels Role Players will be particularly pleased about.I’ll also remind you that the in-game event, Daemon Moon Rising, will begin on 23 October. Don’t forget to check out the video walkthrough from Mythic, explaining the event and what players can expect to be confronted with during this holiday.

    Paul Younger
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