A new online RPG called Warrior Epic came to our attention recently and we had a chance to interview Possibility Space’s Community Manager, Brice Lucas to learn more about this promising new title. 1) Most of our readers have probably never heard of Possibility Space. What is the background of your company?

Operating out of Austin, TX and Beijing, China; Possibility Space is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. The founders have been key contributors to several hit titles. Some of their past projects include Battle for Middle Earth II, Gears of War, Starcraft, Age of Mythology, Command and Conquer III, and the Sims series. In addition to game experience, their art directors have been visual designers for feature films including Star Wars Episode III, Transformers, Mission Impossible, The Island, The Day After Tomorrow, and others.

Being an independent studio has allowed Possibility Space to innovate in many areas of the online gaming genre. We are not being held back by the bureaucracy that inhibits the abilities of larger companies.

2) What is the storyline behind Warrior Epic?

Long ago, the world was ravaged by war and plagued by unnatural and sinister creatures.

Nations ruled by powerful and greedy warlords destroyed the structures of civilization and turned back the hands of time to an age where technology and logic were replaced by sorcery and black magic.

During the time of war, the great minds and warriors of the empire defected from their states and joined together to form the Kingdom of Providence. The new civilization was formed beyond the grasp of the violent and corrupt nations. They sought to ascend above the destruction and build a future of peace and prosperity. The hidden kingdom flourished as the rest of the world fell into ruin.

Much of the ancient and powerful science was lost save for a few relics hidden deep within the ruins of the once great empires.

Those dark and troubled times have now passed and in a world left unmade, the conquests of man and beast must begin anew. The time to reclaim that which was lost has come and in this age there will be warriors capable of extraordinary feats, for this is the Age of the Warrior Epic.

Your role is that of a Hall Lord. You are to a*ist the other halls in restoring peace to the lands beyond Providence. The world is wild and full of danger. Warriors from abroad who sympathize with the cause will offer their services to you. Manage and strengthen your warriors and your hall so that you may ascend to greatness and become a renowned leader of Providence.

3) How is Warrior Epic’s gameplay and content different from the many online RPGs available today?

Warrior Epic is deviating quite a bit from the stereotypical MMO mold that has dominated the market. To begin, you will manage several different warriors as opposed to just one. Now, this doesn’t mean that they are shallow and lack the features of other RPG games. Each warrior class is fully featured with its own skills, equipment, and customization. Your warriors will have spirits as well. Spirits can be equipped and used in battle as abilities. These attacks can save the party and are incredibly entertaining to watch.

Also, the concept of having a “Hall” is innovated to this genre as well. You will really want to trick out your Hall in Warrior Epic. Adding rooms will give you access to special equipment, warriors, buffs, and more.
We are working very hard to ensure that people stay interested in our game regardless of how little or how much time they want to invest in it. One way we have done this is by setting up a reward system that gives loot and exp after completing a quest. Part of catering to both casual and hardcore gamers involves taking the extreme time commitments out of the game. So for the casual gamers out there, you will be able to sit down for short periods of time and still accomplish many things in Warrior Epic….for the hardcore gamers, if you want to play for 10 hours straight…you will feel well compensated for your time investment.

Warrior Epic will receive a constant stream of regular updates that will expand and add content to the game. New character classes, abilities, equipment, quests, and other game features will be added on a near monthly basis. We want our users to have new experiences with our game every time they play.

4) Can you briefly tells us what makes each of the four warrior classes in Warrior Epic unique and what can we expect with future classes?

There will be at least 8 classes available at launch. Each class will be quite different from one another so that a party of variety will benefit from the combined strengths of the different warriors. Because of our specialized class system, the number and types of classes that are going to be offered throughout the course of the game will be virtually limitless. That being said, there will be a HUGE variety of class types to choose from. You will be really surprised by some of the stuff you will get to play as. Demi-gods, gazers, giant fire-spewing dirt worms…we are only limited by ideas, which isn’t really a limitation at all. Quite a bit of fun will be had as we create new and unique warrior classes that no one has ever played before.

5) There is an option to summon the spirit of a fallen warrior in the game. Can you tell us how this works and is there any type of disadvantage with not using this option?

It is possible to die in a quest instance. When a warrior dies, their spirit will ascend to the spirit plane and will be accessible in the hall once the appropriate room is added. When you have access to your warrior spirits, you will be able to take one of two courses of action pertaining to the continuation of that particular warrior’s role in your hall. Choice one is to resurrect the warrior so that they may fight again. The other option you have is to actually equip the spirit of the fallen warrior on another warrior that resides in your hall. This spirit can be called into battle to unleash a devastating attack, or buff your entire party. The strength of the spirit is a direct reflection of the strength of their physical form at the time of their demise. People always have the option to not use spirits, but it is not recommended. You can equip up to three spirits at one time, and not doing so would not be beneficial to your party.

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