Wasteland 2’s Kickstarter raises over $3 million

inXile is the latest major developer to find great success in securing funding for an upcoming project through Kickstarter. 
The developer has managed to raise over $3 million to build Wasteland 2.
60,000 contributed to the Kickstarter total of $2,933,147 which, when added to the $107,137 in PayPal contributions, weighs in at a total of $3,040,284. 
Wasteland 2 is planned as a post-apocalyptic, top-down RPG and direct sequel to the 1988 original. 
inXile will be helped out by Fallout: New Vegas designer Chris Avellone and much of Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol), however inXile will retain top level control.
Furthermore, the original Wasteland designers Alan Pavlish and Mike Stackpole are onboard. One of the original creators of Fallout, Jason Anderson, is writing Wasteland 2’s story.
The game is due at some point next year on Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

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