Wasteland 3 Full Game Walkthrough Ambush Site Feat

The Ambush Site (Wasteland 3’s tutorial level)

In a couple of turns, the Kodiak’s weapon will be powered-up so you can destroy the walker bot. Oh, and don’t use that medkit that you have on you.

Wasteland 3 Full Game Walkthrough Ambush Site 1

Important: Up the slope, you’ll find Pvt. Jodie Bell being held at gunpoint. You can snipe the ambusher from afar, or get up close for speech checks — Hard Ass 1 or Kiss Ass 1. If you anger her, she’ll execute Bell. If you rescue Bell, she’ll need First Aid 1 and your medkit. Bell’s survival will let you recruit her later in Wasteland 3‘s campaign.

Wasteland 3 Full Game Walkthrough Ambush Site 2

Kill the Dorseys in the next area. Speak with Pvt. Beltran who won’t budge no matter what you say.

Nerd Stuff 1 (terminal) or Mechanics 1 (generator) — these actions will disable the warbot; Lockpicking 1 (locked gate) and Explosives 1 (mines) for additional loot.

Wasteland 3 Full Game Walkthrough Ambush Site 3

Jarett Dorsey will taunt you once you enter the large room. You’ll fight half a dozen Dorseys, but Major Vera Prasad will assist you.

Pick up the loot — one of the accessories is the Veteran Ranger’s Star which gives +1 Hard Ass.

Wsl3 Wlk 1 1

Speak with Prasad; Hard Ass 1 for additional dialogue.

Speak with Maj. Tomcat who’ll join your squad as an AI-controlled companion (Animal Whisperer 1). Cats are awesome, by the way.

Wsl3 Wlk 1 2

Exit the level by using the Kodiak to end up in Ranger HQ.

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